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Unipolar Induction Experiments and Relativistic Electrodynamics

Francisco J. M?ller
Year: 1990
Keywords: unipolar induction, relativistic electrodynamics, motion, conductor, magnet, General Relativity
The relativistic requirement of relative motion between a conductor and a magnet to produce electromagnetic induction is critically re-examined both historically and by original experiments. That no such requirement is needed for a rotating system was demonstrated by Kennard in 1917 and is acknowledged by some relativists, who have therefore resorted to General Relativity for an explanation of the rotational unipolar inductor. But the additional experimental tests with a modified, rectilinear version of the unipolar inductor reported here rule out General Relativity as well. There appears therefore to be a need for some new theoretical formulation of the problem, based either on classical (Maxwellian or Amperian) electrodynamics or on an altogether new approach.