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Einstein's Great Oversight

Robert J. Heaston
Year: 1991
Keywords: Einstein, field equations, speed of light, gravitational luminosity
Einstein and other physicists who have emulated him, assumed for convenience in manipulations of the Einstein field equations that the speed of light, c, and the universal gravitational constant, G, were equal to unity, c = G = 1. This arbitrary practice prevented the recognition that c4/G, which is present in the Einstein field equations, is a superforce equal to 1.2 .1044 newtons. This superforce plays a major role in relationships with the Planck functions, gravitational luminosity, vacuum energy density of the inflationary big bang, derivations of combinations of fundamental constants, relativistic effects in astrophysical bodies, and quantum relativity. Moever, with the awareness of c4/G, it is possible to derive a relationship that quantizes the gravitational luminosity, L, as well as other radiation flux, as L=hv2.