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General Etherodynamics, Chapter Abstracts (English Translation)
Year: 2003 Pages: 12
Keywords: ether
  • Medical Doctor

    Walter Rella was born in Feldkirch, Austria. Studied medicine in Vienna and Pamplona (Spain). 1969 Graduation. 1970-1977 Fellow in Cancer Research, Tumor Immunology. ca. 20 papers on the topic. 1978 - 2004 exerted profession as physician.

    Rella\'s papers relate to the field of philosophy and physics. He promotes the idea of the physical vacuum as a dynamical shattering lattice structure in: \"Der Schritt in die Analogie\" part I, Wr. Jb. f. Philos. (1984), 129-138; part II, Wr. Jb. f. Philos. (1985), 141-158.

  • (Ether, Vortex Theory, Toroidal Ring, Structure)
    Alt. spelling: Wladimir A. Azjukowski or Azjukowskij.