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350 Years in Hiding: Kepler's-Newton's Time Dependent Equations

Joe Alexander Nahhas
Year: 2009 Pages: 14
Keywords: Space-Time, Relativity, Newton, Kepler, Perihelion,Shapiro,DI Her,As Cam
For 350 years physicists astrophysicists and mathematicians missed Kepler's time dependent equation that produced a time dependent Newton's solution and together these two equations combined classical and quantum mechanics into one Universal Mechanics that explain relativistic effects as the difference between time dependent measurements and time independent measurements of moving objects and give theory to experiments results with precisions better than all of published physics and solves all posted motion puzzles that the 100,000 space-to imaginarty time -back to space, make- believe jumping continuum (x, y, z, ict) physicists could not solve by  space-time physics or any said or published physics.