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On Relativistic Kinematics in the Galilean Space

Alexander L. Kholmetskii
Year: 1995
Keywords: Galilean space, world ether, special relativity
Proceeding from the most general formulation of the main kinematic problem with use of the general physical principles, it has been shown that the complete spacetime can be described by means of two four-dimensional orthogonal subspaces with Galilean and Lorentz laws of transformations, respectively.  Physically it corresponds to two non-equivalent methods for building up an inertial reference frame.  It has been shown that such solution explains naturally the Lorentz hypotheses of "world ether" and has been revealed their physical sense (combination of the Galilean space with finite value of light speed).  It has been established that for first space the successive transformations of the inertial reference frames are rotation-free.  In this connection the Thomas procession has been considered from a new standpoint and the general requirements for new experimental tests of the Special Relativity have been suggested.