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Einstein\'s Relativity Failures #1: The Case of As Camelopardis Apsidal Motion Puzzle Solution

Joe Alexander Nahhas
Year: 1984 Pages: 8
Keywords: As Cam, As camelopardis, Apsidal, motion, Binary, stars, precession,perihelion,merucry,venus
This is the solution to the 30 years most studied Binary Stars with high rate orbit axial rotations puzzle that made astrophysicists wipe their glasses and wipe their high tech telescopes eyepieces and sent Einstein\'s space-time physics research papers solutions back to sender and said \"NO\" to the 100,000 space-time Physicists and Astrophysicists in their hideouts after they could not solve this motion puzzle by any said or published Physics for thirty years including 109 years of Nobel Prize winner Physics and physicists and 400 years of astronomy and is dedicated to the two DRS KH. F. Khailullin and V.S. Kozyreva of Moscow University who posted this motion puzzle in 1983 as not solvable by space-time physics or any said or published Physics and still posted as the motion puzzle to solve on Smithsonian-NASA website SAO/NASA.