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What is the Phenomenon That Keeps an Infinite Memory for the Fluctuactions in the Conduction Current

Leonardo Bosi
Giancarlo Cavalleri
Francesco Barbero
Ernesto Tonni
Gianfranco Spavieri
Year: 2008 Pages: 6
Keywords: Magnetic Memory
If the electron acceleration aZPF due to the nonrenormalized zero-point field (ZPF) of stochastic electrodynamics (SED) is introduced in the Fokker-Planck equation accounting for electron-electron acceleration (e ? e FP), there is always a small interval dv of speed v starting from v1 where the two collision frequencies n1(v) and n2(v) appearing in the e ? e FP are both proportional to 1/v, corresponding to the threshold of runaways. Both diffusion and drift in the v space almost vanish in the small dv where n2(v) = Bn1(v) = BK/v. The Green's solution p0(v,t | v1) [or a pimple on p0(v,t ? ?) is almost crystallized, being ? t ?e  with 0.003 ? e ? 0.007. There is therefore a process of reconstruction of a fluctuaction occurring in dv, and that fluctuaction decays with a power law with such a small exponent that its memory is practically infinite.