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The Main Axiom of the Natural Sciences

Philipp M. Kanarev
Year: 1997
Keywords: Philosophy of Science
The basic axiom of our physical universe: the axiom of the unity of space, matter and time, which we abbreviate as AUSMT.

All movement of objects in space must be related with the flow of time. This is an unconditional, intrinsic fact of Nature.

In order for equations describing physical reality to be valid, they must describe the locations and movements of material objects in space as functions of time. That is why they must conform to the AUSMT. Space, matter and time are the first and the simplest elements of the universe. There are no facts which contradict the necessary connection between them so this axiom is the simplest and most fundamental law of Nature.

Analysis shows us that Einstein's postulates and his theories of relativity contradict the AUSMT. The geometrical postulates of Lobachevsky, Minkowski, and Riemann also contradict the AUSMT. In the frame of this axiom all physical field theories give us not exact but approximate scientific information about the behavior of elementary particles. On the contrary, all mathematical equations which describe the elementary particles as corpuscles give exact information about their behavior, as far as all of them work in the frame of the axiom AUSMT. These facts are shown very clearly in the second edition of the book," The Crisis of Theoretical Physics".