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Non-Linear Time Motion and the Cause of Gravity

Jeffrey M. Lee
Year: 1997
Keywords: Time, Gravity
By projecting that the stationary position defming the inertial background reference of the universe is a "dynamic occurrence" (rather than the "static condition" assumed by most theoretical physicists today), constantly being formed by an "active" nonlinear geometrical displacement of time with space, we are able to illustrate how the presence of mass causes a resistance to this "motion of time", thus creating a vicinity of "less active pressure density', resulting in an "implosive motion" of the inertial reference background at the location of the mass body.

By utilizing the "Active Geometry" as described by this new "geometrodynamic" relationship of time with space, we find we are also able to exactly duplicate the mathematical results as obtained by the equations of Newtonian Classical Dynamics describing both the acceleration due to gravity at the surface of a body of mass and the distance an object will fall per unit of length of time in a gravitational field.

This now allows us to understand how still position in inertial background reference can move (or accelerate downward) with respect to still position in space, consequently revealing the actual mechanism responsible for creating gravitational force.