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Stable Electron Clusters: A New Window on the Physical Universe

Hal Fox
Year: 1997
Keywords: Electron Clusters
Kenneth Shoulders discovered that high-density electron charge clusters could be produced in low-pressure gases. Rod Neal and Stan Gleeson discovered that charge clusters could be produced and used too cause nuclear reactions i n an aqueous environment. Shang Xian Jin provided a mathematical model of these highly-dynamic toroid structures. Fox, Jin, and Bass provided an invention in which charge clusters can be used for radioactive amelioration: production of thermal energy; creating scarce elements from plentiful elements; and making table-top particle accelerators. The nature of a charge cluster is described. Methods for producing charge clusters under water are discussed. The experimental date from independent replication is provided. A discussion of how this new technology may be utilized to improve our understanding of the physics of nature with specific methods by which the energy of the aether can be transformed into useful energy is presented.