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Weber Electrodynamics with Fields, Waves, and Absolute Space

Paul Wesley
Year: 1987
Keywords: Weber Electrodynamics, Fields, Waves, Absolute Space

Wilhelm Weber?s law for the force between moving charges satisfies Newton?s third law, the conservation of energy, and yields Ampere?s original empirical law for the force between current elements. Weber?s law predicts the observed force between two closed current loops. It yields the observed temporal and motional electromagnetic induction. It yields the observed force on Ampere?s bridge. The electromagnetic field appropriate for the Weber force law is derived. This Weber field is then extended to rapidly varying effects and radiation by introducing time retardation. An additional electromagnetic wave, the "Weber wave" is obtained. Absolute space is included by introducing time retardation using the phase velocity observed in a moving system as predicted by the Voigt-Doppler effect.