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Laser Fiber-Ring Interferometric Gyroscopes and Einstein's Second Postulate

Carl A. Zapffe
Year: 1987
Keywords: Laser Fiber-Ring, Interferometry, Gyroscopes, Einstein?s Second Postulate

The Sagnac experiment and its successful application to yield a commercial laser fiber ring inteferometric gyroscopic compass shows that the velocity of light c is fixed relative to geocentric coordinates or the magnetosphere. Einstein's postulate that the velocity of light is c with respect to any observer is modified.

Also published in:

  • Progress in Space-Time Physics, Paul Wesley (Editor), pp. 49-50 (1987).
  • Speculations in Science and Technology, V11, N3, p. 214 (1988).
  • Toth-Maatian Review, V1, N2, pp. 2907-2908 (1988).