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Stimulated Forces Demonstrated: Why the Trouton-Noble Experiment Failed and How to Make It Succeed

Patrick Cornille
Jean-Louis Naudin
Year: 1999
Keywords: aether drift, capacitors, conservation laws, Cornille, covariance, Dring?s paradox, Biefeld-Brown, Michelson-Morley, Newton?s third law, relativity, Trouton-Noble
The Trouton-Noble (TN) experiment is often cited for having substantiated the theory of relativity. Trouton and Noble believed that if a high-voltage capacitor experienced a ?spontaneous? jerking and torquing, this behavior would be a manifestation of the existence of the aether. Examination of the TN paper revealed that the experimenters had actually observed and recorded the phenomenon, but dismissed it as experimental error every time. Recent replications of the TN experiment have consistently demonstrated the jerking and torquing effects.