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Leslee A. Kulba
Year: 1996
Keywords: dimensions, constants of proportionality, electromagnetism, electricity, emu, esu, cgs, mks, magnetism, Maxwell?s equations, permeability, permittivity, speed of light
As the field of electrostatics reopens in the search for a mechanism for large-scale electric propulsion, questions arise which go beyond the scope of undergraduate curricula. Sometimes phenomena are observed which appear to contradict conventional theory. It is therefore necessary to reexamine accepted interpretations and applications of fundamental notions for consistency. This paper examines two constants of proportionality, e and m, from a philosophical basis; addressing their derivation, arbitrary nature, physical properties, and coincidental interconnectedness with each other and other constants. Examination of the principles underlying elementary physics reveals that, although the science is a great tool for accounting for physical changes, the physical essence of what is really happening is still unknown.