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The Magnetic Resonance Amplifier

Norman L. Wootan
Year: 1995
Keywords: MRA, magnetic resonance amplifier, magnets, overunity, piezoelectrics, resonance
This article consists of selected excerpts from KeelyNet, which is operated by Jerry Decker. Because KeelyNet presented hundreds of pages of material, a large quantity of communication is missing from this article, resulting in large gaps in continuity. Jerry Decker deserves much credit for putting all of this material on KeelyNet. Norm Wootan has provided ESJ with copies of KeelyNet material and kept us up-to-date on the MRA activities. One of the most exciting aspects of this article is the open dialog provided by the various individual research personalities on KeelyNet. It is possible to see the real-time, online reports of experiments, interactive speculations, claims and outright disagreement and criticism. Congratulations go to all who can tolerate such an open exchange. Wootan and Joel McClain are the discoverers of and principal experimenters with the MRA. Their open dialog has allowed many others to join in on the experiments.