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Plasma Shaping: An Atomic Transmutation Concept

Ronald J. Kovac
Year: 1995
Keywords: cold fusion, magnetic fields, plasma, transmutation, Walter Russell
Ron Kovac has been subjecting plasmas formed inside of glass bulbs under vacuum conditions to electric and magnetic field forces. The purpose of these experiments has been twofold: (1) to investigate the atomic/space-shape concepts of Walter Russell and his reports of element transmutation, and (2) to further investigate possibilities of cold fusion indicated by the generation of helium.

The transmutation experiments have been a collaborative effort by Tim Binder and Toby Grotz. The Electric Spacecraft Journal has been given permission to use portions of information printed in Fulcrum. Kovac has provided material to ESJ on his plasma cold fusion experiments since May of 1994.

First printed in Fulcrum, V3, N2 p. 19 (Dec 1994).