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Radiacion Electromagnetica

Zbigniew Oziewicz
Year: 2007 Pages: 33
Keywords: Maxwell theory, special relativity, electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields
Presented at International Conference on Applied Analysis, Quer?etaro, 2007. Segundo Congreso Cientifico Tecnologico, Cuautitlan 2007. A solution of the Maxwell differential linear equations, the electric and magnetic fields, is said to be the electromagnetic radiation, if and only if there is a transport of energy, i.e. if the Poynting vector does not vanishes in no-one reference system. It is known that this is the case if and only if holds the two non-linear algebraic conditions, E.B = 0, and, E2 = B2. It is proposed to solve first the non-linear algebraic equations, and after look for solutions of the linear differential Maxwell's equations. In this it is shown that each electromagnetic radiation needs no more than two scalar fields introduced by Robert Yamaleev in 2005. These scalar fields are conceptually different from introduced by Edward Whittaker in 1904, and are distinct from Peter Debye potentials