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Living in the Bliss of Cosmic Music (II)

Erika G. Monteith
Year: 2009
During my presentation, I will demonstrate on the piano the wonders of Cosmic Music and the awesome physical, mental, and spiritual connections, which are possible through its beautiful vibrations and their ability to resolve disharmony into harmony. I am on a constant mission to expand my consciousness to the highest levels of Cosmic Awareness by learning about and understanding all that is referred to as ?The Unknown'. Considerable progress has been made by science toward comprehending and understanding our ability to balance, heal, and regenerate the cells of our bodies with the beneficial vibrations of harmonious musical sound; or unbalance, injure, and degenerate our cells with the discordant vibrations of dis-harmonious sound such as ?Hard Rock'! I will demonstrate certain sound effects on the piano that produce harmony and balance among the cellular structures of our bodies and promote general conditions of health. After many long years of research in the philosophical aspects of theoretical music and musical therapy, my study remains open-ended and I am evolving toward new and exciting discoveries involving the synthesis of Music, Math, Science and Health. My principle goal is to inspire, stimulate and activate people of all ages, and especially senior citizens, to begin doing something for themselves, other than wasting away, by restoring, healing, and revitalizing their spiritual, mental, and physical health. I am now working on a new book for seniors with the title: Now You are 60 , So What? Also, I am producing a new CD of piano music for babies around the world which will help to accelerate the growth and development of their brains while enhancing the quality of their mental abilities to a level high enough to enable them to grasp the most compl ex scientific theories and deeply appreciate the beauty, awe, and wonder of the Cosmic Laws of Nature. Finally, I will improvise music on the piano that is inspired by the thoughts and vibrations that I have received from the audience.