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Unified Theory's Wave-Quantum Unity of Light

Rati Ram Sharma
Year: 2011 Pages: 11
Keywords: Wave-Quantum Unity, Quantum Theory, Photon, Special Relativity, Uncertainty principle, nonexpanding universe
Quantum Theory and Special Relativity stand apart because their authors were unclear about Wave-quantum Unity of light. In our Unified Theory light is propagated as a wave-quantum UNITY along transverse electromagnetic wave as per Poynting vector in the 'sharmon medium' contiguously via 1-spin sharmons, which do not physically move. It appears as Quantum Theory's wave-or-quantum DUALITY for not observing both characters simultaneously. Sharmon comprises a positive positrino and negative negatrino, the two all-composing indivisible elements of diameter 1.6x10-33cm, electric charge 1.3729x10-30 esu, mass 2.596116x10-48 gm, spin = 1/2. Copenhagen interpretation of Quantum Theory is reviewed and Uncertainty Principle replaced by new Principle of Null Action. A single experiment shows wave-quantum unity for low intensity light and moving electrons. Since spin of light-emitter does not fall and of absorber does not rise by one, NOT the 1-spin photon but 0-spin sharmon composed energy-quantum is emitted, absorbed and propagated. 'Contraction of space' and 'dilatation of time' are unrealistic. Constancy and invariance of light velocity c are explained, as also the observed variability, superluminality and subluminality which invalidate Relativity theories. Energized 1-spin sharmon replaces conventional photon and explains photoelectric effect and bending of light under gravity. Non-Doppler cosmological redshift supports non-expanding universe.