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Light Medium as the Basic Substance

Rati Ram Sharma
Year: 2009 Pages: 8
Keywords: Light medium, Basic substance, Sharmon medium, Constancy of c, Maxwell equations

An element composes other particles but it itself is non-composite. The basic substance composes all and it itself is composed by the basic element(s). The Modern Standard Model with Supersymmetry has over 200 basic particles but none of them satisfies the definition of ?element'. Equation E=mc2 compellingly needs a ?basic substance' composing all forms of  E & m, otherwise E & m could not interconvert. Real Sharmon Medium propagating light as wave-quantum UNITY is the all-composing and all-pervading ?basic substance' composed by the new particle ?sharmon', which comprises a positive positrino & a negative negatrino, the two basic elements named cosminos. They compose all forms of energy & mass, material particles and energy-quanta in the Cosmos. Their electric charge is ? 1.37x 10-30 esu; mass 2.596x10-48 gm & spin ?.  Sharmon's mass is 5.192x10-48 gm, spin 0 & 1. The ~10-33 cm Sharmon can pass thru inter-atomic spaces and between orbital electrons. As a kinetic gas, the sharmon medium is irremovable by any means. Its number density is ~1015 sharmons per cm3, mass density 0.519x10-33 gm.cm-3. Its inter-sharmon distance of ~ 10-5 cm compares with Mean Free Path for real gasses e.g. 1.12x 10-5 cm for Hydrogen.  An element is singly charged since multiple charges imply that many constituents. Cosmino's single unified charge manifests as mass & electric charge via the mediation of gravitational and electromagnetic fields/forces, which also unify into a single gravitoelectromagnetic field/force. No particle is massless or sizeless point; neutrinos have mass, size & electric charge. Cosmino compositions of quarks, leptons, neutrinos and photon are worked out.