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The Only Solution is the Revision of Classical Theory

Viraj Fernando
Year: 2008 Pages: 7
Keywords: Sagnac effect, Einstein
Einstein wrote: \"The chief attraction of the theory lies in its logical completeness. ?If a single one of the conclusions is proven wrong, it must be given up; to modify it without destroying the whole structure appears to be impossible.\" Nevertheless, there have been Sagnac\'s experiment in particular and various other experiments that have proved the conclusions of SRT to be wrong. There have also been numerous logical flaws in the theory that have been uncovered over the years. Yet, contrary to Einstein\'s commandment ?thou shalt not cling to the theory if even one iota of it is contradicted\', the adherents of the theory have not given it up. Just like Einstein himself completely ignored Sagnac\'s experiment, his followers too completely ignore whatever valid criticism levelled against the theory. Not only that, they at times even go to the extent of defending it in a hostile manner, as if their religious beliefs have been offended.