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About Strange Effects Related to Rotating Magnetic Systems

Matti J. Pitk?nen
Pages: 13

The basic hypothesis of topological geometrodynamics (TGD) is that space-time is representable as a 4-surface in 8-dimensional space M4+ ? CP2. The notion of manysheeted spacetime forced by this hypothesis implies numerous new physics effects including gravitational anomalies, the possibility of negative energy spacetime sheets making possible overunity energy production and classical communications to the geometric past. The geometrization of the classical gauge fields in turn predicts the existence of long range color and electroweak gauge fields, in particular classical Z0 field, which gives rise to macroscopic effects resembling those assigned usually with torsion fields. In this article the strange findings about the physics of rotating magnetic systems are discussed in order to illustrate the new physics predicted by TGD.

This paper contains an explanation of the Roschin-Godin experiment in terms of Topological Geometro-Dynamics (TGD).