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Global Expansion Tectonics - A More Rational Explanation

James Maxlow
Year: 2003
Global tectonics was introduced a number of decades ago as an all embracing science that seeks to quantify and explain the Earth as a dynamic, interactive entity. As an outcome of this new philosophy we, in all our walks of life, have become accustomed to viewing the Earth globally, be it geology, ecology, climate, population, politics, and so on. Global tectonics however, in its strictest sense, must go beyond the present, or near present, i.e. human scale, and include the geological past, dating back to the formation of the Earth during the Archaean some 4,500,000,000 years ago, and all the Eons in between. In presenting Global Expansion Tectonics it must be realized that the global geological and geophysical database has only now reached the stage where any global tectonic hypotheses can be confidently quantified, challenged, and/or discarded.