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A New Equation for Gravity

Bob de Hilster
Year: 2009 Pages: 12
Keywords: gravity, moon
This paper describes the development of a new equation for gravity. The theory behind the equation is based on the work of Georges L. Le Sage. He proposed that there are "ultramundane corpuscles" (particles) coming at us from space. Most of these particles pass through objects, but a small number of them push the object. This causes a reduction in the number of partcles that leave the object. If the object is in space, then it is being pushed on all sides equally and there is no net force. In the case of the earth and the moon, the number of particles that pass through the earth to the moon are reduced. So there are fewer particles pushing the moon away from the earth then there are particles pushing the moon toward the earth. This net force is gravity. This new equation for gravity is based on this theory and is developed using four postulates.