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Four Theories of Earth Expansion and the Eocene Event

Karl W. Luckert
Year: 2004
Reflecting on numerous presentations of Expansion Tectonics theory, the conclusion has emerged, that most misunderstandings regarding Earth Expansion, in the past, can be traced to defective visualizations. I have been doing video animations of the Earth expansion process since 1996, and by now my method has evolved to a level at which it can be used as a preliminary scientific testing procedure for a variety of tectonic processes. Common wisdom has it that video animation?known in some languages as ?trick photography??does exist for the sole purpose of deceiving the viewer. This need not be the goal. Animations that are based on serious globe models or thumbnail images can help illustrate a proposed expansion process dynamically, reflecting exactly how the author of a particular expansion theory does envision it. Animation can give to a viewer a preliminary impression of whether a proposed expansion process falls within the range of tectonic probability?provided this viewer is alert to material and tectonic processes in general, within three-dimensional space and time. Animation can ruthlessly expose certain tectonic improbabilities which static globe models and thumbnail sketches might fail to exhibit.

The models and thumbnails of Earth expansionists, whose theories I have chosen to animate?Hilgenberg, Vogel, Maxlow, and my own?can better be visualized, studied, and judged after they have been viewed comparatively, in video animation. Contextual animation does solve many global tectonic problems in stride?as the present video succeeds in illuminating the uniform formation of East Asia?s marginal seas and island chains. As a matter of principle, I have expanded equal and sometimes even greater efforts in producing correct animated sequences for the theories of my competitors than I have for my own.

The comparative nature of my video presentation is new in the field, and it is intended to stimulate a continued desire for clarification. At various stages of preparation I have been able to effect some improvements regarding certain details of my theory. Moreover, in addition to the usual isochrone maps and globes I have, in this edition, utilized numerous NASA satellite images. I consider this 33 minute video lecture, in DVD format, to be a fitting addendum to my last year?s DVD lecture at the Theuern Conference, Germany 2003. It was undertaken as a follow-up and as an improvement on its precedent.