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Minor Corrections to Science

Satya Pal Asija
Year: 2008 Pages: 9
Keywords: Realtiy, Science, corrections, Aristotle, Galileo, Newton, Einstein
This paper presents a new Universal Relationships Law and proposes minor corrections to the science of such icons of science as Aristotle, Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton and even Einstein. Following examples are included:
  1. Lighter Bodies Travel Faster. Aristotle got it backwards when he intuited heavier objects fall faster.
  2. Faster Objects Become Lighter or conversely slower objects become heavier. Einstein and Aristotle both got it backwards when Einstein restated a corollary of Aristotle, "Heavier objects fall faster" by postulating "Faster Objects become heavier".
  3. Two Minor Corrections to Newton's First Law of Motion and a minor correction to the Universal Law of Gravitation named after him.
  4. Three D or No D (Any theory based on other than 3 D is fantastic).
  5. Gravity is A Local and Physical Contact Force.
  6. Light is never Waves and Photons at the Same Instant.

The paper concludes with the self evident inevitability of one and only one reality in here and out there.