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Unified Theory: Alternative to Mainstream Physics, Cosmology & More

Rati Ram Sharma
Year: 2009 Pages: 20
Keywords: Unified Theory, Alternative to Mainstream, Physics, Cosmology, Relativity, Homoeopathy

The prime Basic Substance composes all and is universally one. Unified Theory (UT) as the complete paradigm weaves the grandest ever unification of realistic concepts arising from the all-composing & all-pervading light propagating ?Sharmon Medium' as the Basic Substance, composed by new particle ?Sharmon', which comprises a positive positrino& a negative negatrino, the two non-composite elements named cosminofor composing all forms of mass, energy, material particles and energy quanta in the Cosmos.

Relativity and Quantum Theory stand apart because the authors of both were admittingly unclear about the intrinsic wave-quantum UNITY of light. The electromagnetic wave energy quantum, after emission from the source is initially received by a sharmon in the medium, marking the effective ?origin' of the wave. And the last 1-spin sharmon of the medium, which finally transfers the wave energy quantum to the target and returns to the 0-spin state, marks the ?terminus' of the wave. From origin to the terminus, the 0-spin sharmon-packet energy quantum per unit frequency cycle is propagated, as a wave-quantum UNITY, along a transverse electromagnetic wave in the sharmon medium contiguously via 1-spin sharmons, which do not physically move. Since the spin of an emitter or an absorber does not change what is emitted or absorbed is NOT the 1-spin photon as a whole but only its energy comprising 0-spin sharmons. The 1-spin photon as such is not emitted, propagated or absorbed. Energized 1-spin sharmon replaces photon.

Due to creative origin in the medium the light velocity c is independent of the source motion and destructive termination makes c independent of the observer motion. The constancy and invariance to source-observer motion of c [= (eo.mo)-1/2] also follow from the fact that the eo & mo of the sharmon medium are constant and not affected by the motion of the source or observer. This also explains the Sagnac effect.

Lorentz arrived at his formulae to explain Michelson-Morley experiments' null results and also to save the ether. Einstein discarded the ether but derived the same formulae. Unified theory explains the MMX null results from the light-propagating sharmon medium and rejects Lorentz formulae as not describing any real natural motion, thereby un-necessitating the works of both Lorentz and Einstein.

Heisenberg invented mathematical Quantum Theory (QT) to circumvent visualization and language-inadequacy for Wave-Quantum Unity of light but used it to validate violations of the inviolable conservations of mass-energy & momentum under the Uncertainty Principle. The UT rejects the Uncertainty Principle as unrealistic and proposes the new Principle of Null Action with universal applications. Quantum Theory's Copenhagen interpretation is reappraised.

The atoms & molecules never make mistake in their chemical & physical properties and in recognizing, or in being recognized by, others due to their ?intelligence'. The positive molecular recognition is mediated via exchange of the ?sharmon-composed' energy quantum uniquely characteristic of the ?chemical specificity' of the recognizer-recognizee pair. Thus, sharmon emerges as the quantum of intelligence/consciousness.

During the homoeopathic dynamic potentization the chemical specificity of the solute drug molecule is induced in the diluent molecules via resonant promotion of the lone-pair electrons of the Oxygen atom in the ?OH groups to make the diluent medium as the therapeutic agent for drug action. This creates plenty of medicinally active diluent molecules, in the high potencies (dilutions) having no molecule of the original drug in the patient dose, to remove the perennial conceptual impasse created by Avogadro's law and the Law of Mass Action. Results of controlled drug trials on rats, mice and human patients are presented to support these conclusions. Mechanism of homoeodrug action on the Law  of Similars is explained. World Health Organization's definition & scope of achievable health are improved. Since the modes & planes of action are complementary Homoeopathy, Allopathy & Yoga are judiciously combined under ?Navayurveda' that has cured cases, which for Scientific Medicine are: a) incurable/fatal, b) difficult-to-cure even with long medication, c) require surgery, d) viral.

Hithertofore Science & Philosophy have remained mutually exclusive domains of knowledge. Unified Theory presents a Science-Philosophy Symbiosis from sharmon medium as the prime basic substance to unify the living and the non-living as also the mind and matter. Entire basic substance of the Cosmos is eternally conserved as the ever existing Megovum, which as also the ?intelligently conscious' Megamind manages the entire Cosmos.