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Comments On An Interesting Experimental Feature In Electrolysis Loading Experiments

Dan Chicea
Year: 2001
Keywords: Electrolysis, Power, Load, Charge density

Results of the analysis performed on a simple electrolytic device are described. The device is a sensitive and inexpensive calorimeter. The power calibration procedure used for the experiments is described in the paper; the data analysis procedure and the error analysis are also presented. Different combinations of cathode and electrolyte were investigated. Excess power results, the power densities and details on the combinations of cathode and electrolyte used are also presented.

The results reveal that a higher excess power volume density was obtained using thin film metal cathodes than thin foil cathodes. That result suggests that a simple way to scale up the device would be to obtain a tight packing ratio of the thin films in the cell volume.

Another interesting result is that the excess power volume density appears to be correlated with the current density along the cathode. Although the data points are in ranges that are different of each other with orders of magnitude for thin foils and for thin films, the slopes of the lines that are fitted on the data points are approximately the same, within the experimental errors. No theoretical explanation is provided or speculated. This suggests another way to upscale the device that might be worth being experimentally investigated.