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Shape Power Anti-Gravitation Breakthrough

Dan A. Davidson
Year: 2001
Keywords: gravity, anti-gravity, levitation, gauss, shape, pyramid
This paper on Shape Power is a brief summarization of some of the basic discoveries Dan has made in a new science that he terms "Shape Power physics" with a number of areas of interesting research that correlates and extends Dan's ideas. These include; Review of Shape Power Physics; Discovery of Shape Power, a magnetic effect produced with 2 intersecting lines; shape power array effects with attendant multiplication of effects of Shape Power; Implications of Shape Power arrays; The Joe Parr Gravity Discoveries of a gravitational forcefield around the Pyramid Shape leading to and interstellar mode of travel; Natural arrays (crystals, brain fine grain structure); Effects of materials on Shape Power; the gravity craft invented by Viktor S. Grebennikov; Analysis of the Grebennikov material; and Conclusions.