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Dangers In Measuring The Power Of AC Devices With Meters

Patrick G. Bailey
Year: 2001
Keywords: Free energy machine, oscilloscope, AC devices
Simple explanations are given as to why we should not believe the power measured from various alternating current devices when using meters to measure the voltage and the current, and obtaining the power by simply multiplying these values. Simple mathematical analyses confirm that power levels calculated with such "AC meter" measurements can vastly over-predict the real power produced in such devices, and that almost any AC device can be tuned-up and shown to be a "over-unity device" or a "free-energy machine" using such simplistic meter measurements and math. For accurate measurements of both input and output power measurements, a high-bandwidth sweep digital oscilloscope is absolutely necessary to calculate the real power levels. The INE will continue to contact and challenge any such researcher to allow their device to be properly tested, and the results of that challenge and the measurements will continue to be documented in the INE Device Database.